David Lopez Lopez is a Colombian Sound Engineer songwriter and producer Known as Lopez Lopez. He got involved in the music business at the age of 15 when he was founded with his childhood friends “La Mob” a young rap group. He wrote and produced various songs including the song called “Violencia” which deals with the dramatic situation of his country Colombia. The song was played in Colombian rap stations during a period of months having an impressive embrace by the Colombian public. La Mob participated in “Rap al Parque” which is one of the biggest rap festivals of Latin America. After graduating high school he decided to apply to the Ontario Institute of Art and Technology and was accepted into the sound engineer and music business program which he went on graduating with honors in the year of 2000. After his graduation he began his internship at "DigiNote" a Miami Beach recording studio where he worked for a year until he met Rudy Perez one of the top music producers in the world. Since then he become part of his team and started crafting his own skills as a producer/songwriter. David Lopez has participated in the recordings and production of more than 60 musical pieces of diverse genres with major labels earning him gold and platinum records.

In 2004 at age 22 Univision Music Publishing signed Lopez with a nonexclusive publishing deal which merged Lopez's song catalogue with Univision Music.

In 2006 David Lopez launched his own production company called LOPEZ LOPEZ MUSIC INC. His company has been gaining significant importance in the music business focusing in publishing, production and artist promotion. In a very short period of time Lopez has accomplish many objectives that will transcend over the years with a great mixture of fresh and astonishing music on a wide variety of genres.

In 2008 David Lopez was nominated for his song writing and production work for the Internationally acclaimed Premios Oye de la Musica in Mexico. He is nominated for song of the year and album of the year with Andres Cuervo.

To this day Lopez is writing, recording, engineering, remixing and producing for a variety of artist form all over the world.


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